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(Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies)


Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies (ICMSS) is the biggest and the oldest annual capital market event held by Management Student Society (MSS) Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Universitas Indonesia.

We are passionate in educating, stimulating, and generating young investors to invest in capital market. And so, in our seventeenth year, we proudly present “The 17th ICMSS International Conference, Seminar, and Training”. Set in 2018, The 17th ICMSS will be packed in a series of events that will last for 6 days.

The International Conference will be attended by students from universities across Indonesia and ASEAN to compete in our uniquely designed Stock Pitch Competition and discussing with the experts. The National Seminar will discuss recent capital market issues in accordance with the year’s main theme, and our Training provide both basic and advanced insights, as well as guided simulations, for those who are interested in learning more about investing.

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