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(Marketing Insight Seminar and Training)


MIST is the biggest marketing event held by undergraduate student in Indonesia. MIST presents the latest marketing issues with the concept of educative and entertaining (edutainment), hosted by Indonesian powerful marketing experts. This event is not only for UI students, but also open for students and public throughout Indonesia.

Each year, MIST always raises current marketing issues in society and in the world of marketing experts. Begin in 2005 with the theme of “Getting the Best of IMC”, we continued to bring series of related themes about marketing mix combined with current issues. In 2006, our theme was “Distribution Makes Perfect” which revolves around the elements of the Marketing Mix (place element). In 2007, we brought up ‘price‘ element as it was presented in our theme “Does Price Matter”. Next, the ‘product’ element was raised by the theme “Winning Customers’ Heart Thru Service Marketing”. Center of the Marketing Mix, namely ‘Target Consumer’, also chosen and be our theme in 2009 “Understanding Customer’s Insight Today”. In 2010, MIST was back with ‘promotion’ element and the theme  “The New Age of Integrated Marketing Communication”.

Starting in 2011, MIST add an event to complete MIST as a whole, which is  Conference, with the theme “Synergizing Market’s Needs Through Digital Marketing”. Our delegates who are students from all universities in Indonesia, will attend this conference and discuss recent problems in marketing. With the same theme, Seminars and Training remained open for students and public throughout Indonesia. In 2012, MIST came back with seminar, conferences, and its training with the theme “The Rebirth of Consumer Power” and in 2013, MIST still continued these series of events and came up with  “Breaking the Indonesian Youth Codes” for the theme as  our will to expose and encode the new emerging market segmentation, the youth market.

For the latest event, In welcoming Asean Economic Community 2015, with the emphasis of free flow of goods and services, it threatens and challenges Indonesian companies at the same time. In 2016, The 12th MIST proudly presents “Customers Shifting Power: The Inevitable Era of Producers-Customers Collaboration” to help everyone understand what it takes to go global.

Stepped into its 11th year MIST will return to bring up the latest and the most up to date issue in marketing. Curious what will be our next theme? Stay tune at our twitter @mistFEUI every Thursday for our one and only kultwit #kaMIST to get insight about the latest issue  in marketing and be our next participants!