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(Project On The Moves)


PROMS is an annual main event of MSS FEB UI by the Project Division. It is an event which raises current social issues as its theme. The event attempts to raise awareness as well as solution to the issue, by doing a series of events and a social campaign as PROMS’ trademark. The purpose of the social campaign is to promote and raise awareness towards the issue without using any vandalism or coerciveness. Instead, we use a modern and innovative way to do so. This is the main purpose and focus of PROMS.

Furthermore, PROMS also completes MSS FEB UI as an organization by bringing a social aspect to the organization, which is a vital part of any organizations’ existence.

The theme of PROMS differs each year as social issues progress and change each year. Throughout its 11 years of existence, PROMS has brought up several social issues as its theme, such as badminton, anti-smoking, tourism, “kain tenun ikat”, etc. Last year, The 10th PROMS’ theme was “The Animal Welfare – Let Them Free”.

This year, The 11th PROMS will be back to try to bring up a new social theme with the most innovative social campaign yet! For more information, please check out our Twitter @PROMSFEUI or email us at

Join us and feel the moves!